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Best Cinematography Nominee

Milledgeville Film Festival 2018

The Horror Hotel 2018

The Indie Gathering 2018


Best Picture Winner

Tupelo Film Festival 2018

The Indie Gathering 2018



Nash Indie Film Fest 2018

TISH 2018

Derby Film Festival 2018

San Antonio Film Festival 2018

HorrorHound 2018 

Cape Fear Indie Film Festival 2018

Black Cat Picture Show 2018

Chicago Horror Film Festival 2018

Philadelphia Indie Film Festival 2018

Hollywood HorrorFest 2018

The International Horror Hotel 2018

Film has been entrenched in my life as far back as I can remember. One of my earliest memories is going to the Blockbuster on a Friday night with my dad and staying up late to watch movies on an old pull out couch. He’d even pull me out of school to go to the movies from time to time.


Having parents in the music industry allowed me to learn the business of entertainment at a young age, but my first taste of filmmaking came while shooting a video book report on Romeo and Juliet.  I had the “realization” that I could splice together takes from one VHS to another by linking up two tape decks and re-recording.  I was hooked.  I decided I wanted to pursue a career in film and went to Vanderbilt University to study Film and History.


Since graduating, I’ve had the fortune of working on numerous feature films and too many music videos to count. I’ve shot nearly every modern capture format available, including Super 8mm, 16mm, 35mm, and a host of digital cameras, ranging from Sony and Blackmagic to Red and Arri.


Now to the part of the bio that I dislike the most: credits. Since I have to include this, I’ll switch to the third person to sound less braggadocios.


SXSW 2020


Nashville Film Festival 2018

World Fest 2018


Nashville Film Festival 2018


Winner Best Cinematography

54 Hour Film Festival


Nashville Film Festival 2017


Nashville Film Festival 2019

Josh’s credits include internationally recognized independent films as well as music videos, promotional material, and corporate content for clients such as The Boy Scouts of America, NASA, Billboard, Juice Plus, Carnegie Mellon, and his alma mater, Vanderbilt University. His work has shown and won awards at film festivals both internationally and domestically, including The Nashville Film Festival, South by Southwest, Derby Film Festival, Tupelo Film Festival, HorrorHound Weekend, TISH, Philadelphia Independent Film Festival, Nashville Independent Film Festival, The International Horror Hotel, & Milledgeville/Eaton.  He has been nominated for Best Cinematography at Milledgeville/Eaton, the 48 Hour Film Festival, the 54 Hour Film Festival, and his work has been featured in international magazines and trade publications specifically detailing his use of camera and lighting to augment story and character.

In 2018, he co-founded the Nashville Independent Film Festival with director Chris Blake.  He currently serves as the Programming Director.

In 2019, he began his M.F.A. in Cinematography at the American Film Institute Conservatory.  



I love making movies.  If you like making movies too, reach out.  Then we can make movies together.

"[All Light Will End] is a beautifully executed film. The cinematography is incredible... The visuals are razor sharp, and the composition makes sense for every shot."

- Brian Napier, HorrorHound Magazine

"Josh is a double threat cinematographer. He always shoots to integrate, serve, interest, and enhance the story."

- Chris Blake, Director/Producer

"Another thing that pulled me into [Strategy & Pursuit] was how beautifully shot it was. Each scene was lit extremely well and...each shot said something about the characters subjectively in one way or another... The camera somehow manages draw us, the audience, more into what is unfolding before us."

- UFA News Review

"It's clear that he understands light and shadow. He's got excellent color sense. He knows where to put the camera, which is crucial. His camera movement is sophisticated... [He] thrives on collaboration. He's wonderful on a team... With Josh, a difference of ideas leads to conversation, not argument. He knows what the other departments need and how it affects his path. His editing experience gifted him with the ability to approach shooting from multiple points of view, not solely as a cinematographer... His time writing led to a solid foundation in story, which is the key to everything."

- Will Akers, Writer/Director

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