F11884668_10207195665117512_6637743753647760999_oilm has been entrenched in my life as far back as I can remember. One of my earliest memories is going to the
Blockbuster on a Friday night with my dad and staying up late to watch movies on an old pull out couch. He’d even pull me out of school to go to the movies from time to time.

Having parents in the music industry allowed me to learn the business of entertainment at a young age, but my first taste of filmmaking came while shooting a video book report on Romeo and Juliet.  I had the “realization” that I could splice together takes from one VHS to another by linking up two tape decks and re-recording.  I was hooked.  I decided I wanted to pursue a career in
film and went to Vanderbilt University to study Film and History.11142367_476471602501970_544548014_n

Since graduating, I’ve had the fortune of work on numerous feature films and too many music videos to count. I’ve shot nearly every modern capture format available, including 8, 16, and a host of digital cameras, ranging from Sony and Blackmagic to Red and Arri.

Now to the part of the bio that I dislike the most: credits. Since I have to include this, I’ll switch to the third person to sound less braggadocios.


Josh’s credits include internationally recognized independent films as well as music videos, promotional material, and corporate content for clients such as The Boy Scouts of America, Billboard, Juice Plus, and his alma mater, Vanderbilt University.

His work has shown and won awards at film festivals both internationally and domestically, including The Nashville Film Festival, Derby Film Festival, Tupelo Film Festival, HorrorHound Weekend, TISH, & Milledgeville/Eaton.


I love making movies.  If you like making movies too, reach out.  Then we can make movies together.