Wishful Thinking

Wishful Thinking – 54 Hour Film Festival

I love timed film festivals.  48, 54, 24 – whatever.  I think attempting to make a quality short film in a compressed time frame is a unique challenge, and one that any filmmaker can learn a lot from. My first experience with a timed film competition was the 48 Hour Film Festival in 2008 or

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Hav Faith – Lighting A Small Office

Hav Fatih was conceived by writer/director Howard Bell as a modern day re-telling of the Biblical story of Joseph.  For those of you who skipped Sunday School (or who need a refresher), Joseph was the one with the coat of many colors.  His brothers were jealous of the relationship Joseph had with their father and betrayed him by


Season of Mysteries

Season of Mysteries started just days after the premiere screening of its predecessor, Season of Miracles when Rusty Whitener, the writer of both the novels and screenplays, gave me a copy of the yet-to-be-released book.  After a few years and several other film projects had gone by, and enough time for the kid actors to grow up to